How to make an allegation/file a complaint?

What is it?

  • It's a service provided by a third party called EthicsGlobal that specializes on complaints management in an easy, safe and confidential way. Furthermore, it can be done anonymously or providing your personal information.

Who to contact?

  • Your director/manager or supervisor
  • Human Resources
  • Ethic Committee
  • Unethical Behavior Allegation System


How does it work?

Through our toll free number 1 800 8887 67548

  • Complainant should have all the information concerning the case on hand, as well as any proof material he/she may have, while answering the following questions: Who? When? Where? How?
  • Complainant calls our toll free number.
  • Connects with an advisor who will listen while making a series of relevant questions
  • The advisor will then give some alternatives for the delivery of proof in case you
  • Complainant then receives a monitor code, which is very important to keep for future references.

Through Internet Assistance

  • Complainant should try to have all the information related to the case on hand while answering the following questions: Who? When? Where? How?
  • Complainant enters the form and the Dynamic Internet Assistant that will lead you by the hand while making relevant questions related to the information that is provided.
  • Upon completing the complaint, the system will hand a tracking code, which becomes very important to keep safe so the complaint can be monitored.

By Mobile Application

  • Reporting from EthicsGlobal Mobile Application

Download the EthicsGlobal App


By using the tracking code when the complaint was filed, the person can call the hotline at any time or submit it through the Unethical Behavior Allegation System in order to:

  • Know the status of the investigation.
  • Know the conclusion and corrective measures.
  • Contribute any additional information.
  • Inform any relapses on the allegation/complaint.
  • Attach elements of proof.